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Thank you for taking an interest in the NNY Amateur Radio Association's ten-county Clean Sweep, to be held in conjunction with the New York QSO Party on the third Saturday in October. For more information on the NYQP, please visit www.nyqp.org or contact Tom Valosin, WB2KLD.

NNY Operating Stations: Please use the links above to submit your planned activiation and to view information on submitted activations. Please do your best to keep the information in the grid up to date.

NNY Hunters: Please use the list of planned activations to see who will has committed to operate in the NY QSO Party, and submit your request for a "clean sweep" certificate (working one station from each of the 10 counties) online.

Note: If plans change and you need to adjust your entry, just submit this form again. Only the most recent entry for your callsign will be shown as an "active" station in NNY or in the list of claimed "clean sweeps." If your plans change and you can no longer participate or need to delete your "clean sweep" claim, please email kd2tbs@arrl.net with your name and callsign.

Counties with Operators:

10 of 10 Counties Represented

NNYARA Operator Count per County:

Reminder: this data is up to date as of 2022-10-11 19:50:15 and is subject to change.

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